What’s in Stats Centre Reports?

These five-page reports capture the latest:  

  • sales,  
  • listings,  
  • days on market, and  
  • price activity. 

All broken down by property type in a visual, easy to read format.  See below for an up-to-date stats report on Squamish Real estate. Live stats are updated monthly.

Get neighbourhood details

Stats Centre Reports also summarize activity at the neighbourhood or sub-area level. 

    • Brackendale
    • Brennan Center
    • Britannia Beach
    • Business Park
    • Dentville
    • Downtown Squamish
    • Garibaldi Estates
    • Garibaldi Highlands
    • Hospital Hill
    • Northyards
    • Paradise Valley
    • Plateau
    • Ring Creek
    • Squamish Rural
    • Tantalus
    • University Highlands

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Squamish SEAandSKY Condo South Phase

Squamish New Construction Purchase Opportunities - a quick look at what's to come.
Bringing you the latest in development news and new build purchase opportunities in Squamish. Find out what projects have just been released for sale, what is upcoming and what is available now...

New to Market - sales starting now

SEAandSKY's Parkside Townhomes
A plans at ~1,500 SQFT, starting from $1.3M
B plans at ~1,800 SQFT, starting from $1.5M
soon-to-be-completed, move in May to July 2023

Diamondhead Development's Finch Drive Townhomes
18 townhomes at ~1900SQFT, starting at $1.16M
estimated to complete Spring/Summer 2025

For more details including floorplans, specific unit pricing and how to secure a home contact me via email, text or phone call.

Currently Selling

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