Spring is officially here, days are longer and a hint of Summer's warmth is in the air...but perhaps for brief periods, third Winter will reappear. This time of year is also typically the busiest when it comes to real estate. This edition of the newsletter takes a broader look to start before narrowing in on Squamish specifically and onto the latest pre-sale news. Happy Spring! Greater Vancouver and Squamish Real Estate Market
We are in a balanced market where neither buyers nor sellers have 'the upper hand' and price movement appears to be fairly stable. It has taken almost a full year to reach this point. New benchmark prices are set after the rapid rise in market values between the Summer of 2020 and the Spring of 2022. The peak of…

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plays a crucial role in any real estate transaction, and as a buyer or seller, you strive to achieve the best possible outcome, which heavily relies on the quality of your negotiation. Engaging a real estate agent who is proficient in various negotiation strategies and techniques can make a substantial difference. Negotiation encompasses more than just bargaining over price and involves different factors such as personalities and motivations. A competent negotiator can assist you in navigating these elements, evaluating the pros and cons of different approaches, and determining the optimal negotiation strategy for your unique situation. As the real estate market continually evolves, the significance of this skill only intensifies. Hence,…

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The Home Buyer Rescission Period is a new law that has recently come into effect in British Columbia. This law gives home buyers a period of time to reconsider their purchase and potentially back out of the deal. However - this comes with a 0.25% penalty which is paid directly to the seller.

The rescission period is usually three business days from the date that the purchase and sale agreement is signed by both the buyer and the seller. During this time, the buyer can decide whether they want to proceed with the purchase or cancel the agreement. If the buyer chooses to cancel, they must provide written notice to the seller and the penalty will apply.

It's important to note the rescission period is separate from any subjects that are written into the…

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Adventure Photography: 5 Tips for Photos You’ll Cherish

It’s easier than ever to snap amazing photographs. And, with the rise in popularity of Instagram, growing participation in outdoor activities, and ever increasing capabilities and affordability of cameras, anyone can take great photographs that thousands of people can see.

Here are a few tips to try out on your upcoming adventures.

1. The Best Camera is the One That’s With You

This may go without saying, but actually, bring your camera!

It doesn’t matter if your camera is a smartphone, flip phone, GoPro, a small compact camera that you found in the drawer of a desk, or a full-fledged professional DSLR – any camera is better than none (if you’re trying to take photographs, of…

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State of the Art in the Sea to Sky

State of the Art holds a special place in the hearts of Ski and Snowboard festival goers.

The foyer to the conference centre transforms into a gallery space which seems to mark the end of hibernation and powder fuelled missions where you can’t make it 5 feet from the entrance without seeing a familiar goggle-tanned face.

Opening Night of State of the Art at World Ski and Snowboard Festival in WhistlerOpening Night- Photo: Ben Haggar

It’s a place to catch up with friends old and new – chat about epic lines from the winter and new exploits summer may hold over a beer while exploring what fellow artists and shred partners have been creating during the darker months.

Sea to Sky Artists

Although the origins of many of the featured artists are as varied as the unique styles…

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